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New Feature
  • 01

    All New Socialbakers Suite

    • All-in-one, end-to-end solution bringing together analytics, reporting, publishing, and predictive intelligence
    • Track all your critical social media and digital KPIs with fully customizable dashboards
    • Correlate your social data with business intelligence to demonstrate social media ROI
    • Plan, schedule and publish content to Facebook, Twitter and Google+

  • 02

    Predictive Intelligence

    • Fully integrated workflow to improve content performance and demonstrate the business impact of paid social media
    • Get inspired by finding the best posts in the world’s largest social media content library
    • Increase your content’s reach and visibility with time recommendations in PrimeTime Publishing
    • Get more value for your paid budget by promoting your best organic posts in Post Performance Prediction

  • 03

    Customizable Dashboards

    • Create your own dashboards based on the metrics you want to measure
    • Easily drag and drop over 90 customizable “widgets” in each dashboard
    • Choose from preset templates with recommended metrics sets
    • Simply select profiles, metrics, data history and type of visualization for each widget

  • 04

    Executive Dashboard

    • Prove the business impact of social media and digital by connecting your social and ads data with Google Analytics
    • See how your ad spend and the quality of promoted content affect web traffic and conversions
    • Track your Ad Spend, CPE, CPM, Paid Content Impressions, Engagement, Website Sessions, Conversions, Goal Value, and more